Carving 360 Strapped

Many sailors perform the standard Carving-360 by pulling their feet out of the straps and positioning their weight over the center of the board so they can backwind the sail and get the board completely around; only to get back in the foot straps again once they have completed the circle.   This is great fun for sure, but staying in the straps maintains the free flowing connectedness one feels when really sailing out of you mind.  Not to mention it simplifies the whole maneuver.
Step 1 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 2 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 3 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 4 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 5 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 6 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 7 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 8 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
Step 9 instruction for Carving 360 Strapped
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)  While on a full plane look for some smooth swell or flat water.   Move your back hand slightly toward the clew of the boom.
Tips for step 2)   Unhook and turn down wind with oodles of speed.
Tips for step 3)  Rake the sail back and lay down the sail, just like a Laydown-Jibe.   Shift your weight onto the downwind rail by gradually applying pressure.
Tips for step 4)  Keep the sail raked toward the tail all the way into the other tack.   In other words, oversheet the sail behind you.   Keep you knees bent and let the mast hand drop toward the water.   Be really aggressive and patient as the board continues it's arc.
Tips for step 5)  As the board comes around really lean your leeward hip toward the mast base while keeping the sail oversheeted.   This forces your weight forward while keeping your upper body balanced.   You need to get that SPECIAL-FEEL here because the remainder of the maneuver is very different than a standard Carving-360.
Tips for step 6)  Push out hard with the clew hand, lean toward the mast, and stiffen your back leg.   This isometric action uses the force of the wind to push the board around and is the most critical part of the maneuver.
Tips for step 7)  Once the nose of the board has passed thru the eye of the wind then quickly pull up with the front hand, stand the rig vertical, sheet in with the back hand, and lean forward toward the nose of the board.   In other words, present the other side of the sail to the wind in one fast movement.
Tips for step 8)  Lean back as the sail powers up again and you are completely around and pointing in the same direction you started.
Tips for step 9)  Stand upright, trim, sail away.


  • Learn a Laydown-Jibe as preparation for this move.
  • Learn an Upwind-360 as preparation for this move.
  • Have oodles of speed going into this move.
  • There is a tendency to get backwinded and thrown backward onto your back.   Don't give up because your 50% complete at this point.


  • Try to get air at the end of this move.
  • Clew First.
  • Let go of the front hand for a one-hander.
  • Can someone do 2 rotations for a 720?