Switch Stance

Windsurfing Instruction for  Switch Stance

In the sport of windsurfing, sailing Switch-Stance means you are sailing with your feet in the footstraps but on the leeward side of the board.  In other words, your feet are on the wrong side of the board.   The functional significance of this technique is the ability turn rail to rail in swell or waves without getting out of the footstraps.   Besides this, Switch-Stance is a method used by advanced sailor to tweek a standard move much like maneuvers that are performed Clew-First.   Switch Stance variations have become very popular since about 2000.

Since almost all maneuvers can be performed in Switch-Stance I have included them in their respective categories.  However, I also created a category exclusively named Switch-Stance to illustrate some fundamental Switch sailing.   Firstly, getting into Switch can be accomplished in two ways.   Jibing into Switch Stance, called  Transition #1, and performing the feet switch while sailing, called Transition #2.

The fundamental Switch maneuvers are the  Cut BackJump JibeJump Slide, and  Duck Jibe.


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This is the baseline Switch Kono (easiest to learn) using the swell to not only get in the switch position but also aid the maneuver by providing a ramp for popping the board. No doubt,this will be become a staple maneuver in the Gorge, much like a Shove-It and Loop. Royn Bartholdi, Arlington, The Gorge 4.5m sail, 83L wave board.

Move Definitions for Switch Stance

Switch Stance Sailing: Sailing with the feet pointing upwind instead of downwind. In other words, your feet are in the wrong straps.
Switch Stance Cutback: While switch stance radically changing direction so you are back to regular stance.
Switch Stance Duck Jibe: Duck Jibing from the Switch Stance Position.
Grubby Duck Jibe: A Grubby followed by a Duck-Jibe so the move is a transition.
Shove It to Spock: The segment of wave sailing where you turn in front of the wave face so you can ride the wave back up to the peak.
Switch Stance Grubby: A Grubby performed in switch stance position. Also called and e-Slider.
Switch Stance Jump Slide: Jump into a board slide from the switch stance.
Switch Stance Jump Jibe: Jump jibe from the switch stance.
Switch Stance Transition: Transition to Switch Stance
Flaka 720: A Flaka followed seamlessly by another Flaka.
Clew 1st Grubby: Performing a Grubby clew-first.