I have no idea where the name for this move originated but I love the originality. I believe this may be the hardest of the Willie Skipper variations; which explains why I have only stuck this move a couple times (that is my excuse anyway) so I had my buddy Nathan demonstrate the move otherwise we could be waiting until the next decade to catch me on tape. Nathan is the smoothest sailor in the world. And that is not bullshit. This move is actually a Willy-Skipper 360 performed without switching the sail so it is really a Clew-First-Willie-Skipper-360.
Step 1 instruction for Lollipop
Step 2 instruction for Lollipop
Step 3 instruction for Lollipop
Step 4 instruction for Lollipop
Step 5 instruction for Lollipop
Step 6 instruction for Lollipop
Step 7 instruction for Lollipop
Step 8 instruction for Lollipop
Step 9 instruction for Lollipop
Step 10 instruction for Lollipop
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Rider: Nathan Mershon


Tips for step 1)  Unhook and head off the wind for this Willie Skipper. Most people are challenged by jumping Willies down wind (myself included) so learn the jump well young grasshopper.
Tips for step 2)  Standard Willie Skipper by jumping the board.
Tips for step 3)  Ditto ...
Tips for step 4)  Land the board sliding downwind and weight over the nose. Keep the sail sheeted in to keep power in the sail and to drive the tail further around.
Tips for step 5)  Straighten out the foot on the tail of the board, sheet the sail into the eye of the wind and lean the clew toward the wind.
Tips for step 6)   Let the board slide
Tips for step 7)  Pull the clew thru the eye of the wind with the boom horizintal to the water. The sail will begin to rotate very fast.
Tips for step 8)  Let the sail rotate and turn your body with the rotation.
Tips for step 9)  Make the feet change.
Tips for step 10)   Adjsut and sail away.


Remember to land the initial Willie-Skipper further back on the nose to keep the board planing