This category includes all maneuvers that are advanced maneuvers and don't quite fit into one of the other categories. Currently I have just one maneuver.


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This is the baseline Switch Kono (easiest to learn) using the swell to not only get in the switch position but also aid the maneuver by providing a ramp for popping the board. No doubt,this will be become a staple maneuver in the Gorge, much like a Shove-It and Loop. 

Move Definitions for Advanced

Switch Stance Kono (jibe entry):

Performing the Kono from the switch stance position by using a laydown jibe to get into the switch stance. This involves an aggresive laydown jibe followed by a good jump with sail  backwinded and pushing the booms above your head causing the sail to rotate around the mast base so that you rotate 180 degrees while in the air and land in the opposite tack.