There are two camps in the Spock world: Those where the move ends heading in the direction you started the maneuver, called the regular Spock; and those where the move ends heading in the other direction (a transition), called the Spock-540.

1. Regular Spocks

The Standard Spock has the usual variations: The One-Handed, Switch Stance, Clew First, and the Diablo (A Spock performed with a sail duck at the end of the maneuver).

The Diablo started as a move itself but over time the word 'Diablo' has taken another meaning as well. Diablo is also used as a move modifer and implies a sail duck was added to the move; much like Clew-First means the move was done with the Clew Forward. For Example, a Grubbie Diablo would be a Grubby with a sail duck at the end of the move.

2. Spock 540

The Spock 540 has the usual variations as well: The One-Handed, Clew First, and Switch Stance (Puneta).

Move Definitions for Spocks

Spock : This maneuver is an extension of the Vulcan; hence its name. The sailor performs a Vulcan but keeps the board spinning to complete a full 360 degree rotation by leaning over the nose of the board and pushing the sail thru the wind by backwinding the sail until the clew passes thru the eye of the wind and complete the sail rotation. Kind of an aerial downwind 360. Or, a 180 degree extension of the Vulcan.
1 Handed Spock: A Spock performed by using only one hand during the second sail rotation.
Spock 540 : A Spock performed with an additional 180 degree board rotation so the move is a transition.
1 Handed Spock 540: A Spock 540 performed with releasing the front hand during the last 360 degrees (roughly) of the rotation.
Clew 1st Spock 540: A Spock 540 performed entering the move clew first so the windsurfer does not have to flip from one side of the boom to the other.
Diablo: A Spock performed by ducking the sail at the end of the move instead of flipping the sail.
Clew 1st Spock: A Spock performed clew-first so the first sail rotation is not necessary.
Air Spock: A Spock performed completely in the air.
Pipa: A Spock 540 performed so the ending is contrarian; meaning switch stance with body windward and back to sail.
Puneta: A Puneta is a a Spock-540 performed by entering the move switch stance. Inventor: Kauli Seadi.
Gozzada: A Gozzada is a Puneta but you start the maneuver in the contarian position and then jump to a spock-540.
Funnel: A Funnel is a Spock-540 performed by entering the move sailing switch stance then ducking the sail to a leeward then jumping to a Spock-540.
Bob : Every Bob move starts with a downwind sail duck where you grab the sail so you are switch stance and clew first going into some sort of spock. The std bob end in a Spock 540
Bob Diablo: Bob followed by a second sail duck after the move so there is no 540 or transition.
1 Handed Bob: Bob one handed
Spock 900: A spock followed by a Spock 540
: A clew-first Spock with a sail duck