The T-Bone is really a switch stance forward but named the T-Bone because your body becomes untwisted mid air and lands pointing in the direction you came from. I have no idea who invented or named this move. If some one knows then please email me. I do know a Gorge Sailor attempting this move but never really could stick it. This move has the potential for an ankle breaker.
Step 1 instruction for T-Bone
Step 2 instruction for T-Bone
Step 3 instruction for T-Bone
Step 4 instruction for T-Bone
Step 5 instruction for T-Bone
Step 6 instruction for T-Bone
Step 7 instruction for T-Bone
Step 8 instruction for T-Bone
Step 9 instruction for T-Bone
Step 10 instruction for T-Bone
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)   Unhook and get sailing in the switch stance position.
Tips for step 2)  Pick some chop and get ready to jump in the switch stance position. Jumping in switch stance is difficult.
Tips for step 3)   Now jump the best you can and throw the rig forward like a normal forward loop.
Tips for step 4)   Sheet it and go with the rotation.
Tips for step 5)  Everything rotates just like a normal forward loop but of course, funky stuff happend below the waist.
Tips for step 6)  When you get on the second half of your rotation then the your body will untwist below the waist, including the board, because the force of the sail holds your upper body stationary.
Tips for step 7)   The board flips more vertical.
Tips for step 8)  You land with the board pointing the other way.
Tips for step 9)   I land this one wet but just push up the sail to get pulled out of the water clew first pointing in the direction I just came from.
Tips for step 10)   Sail out clew first. Your stoked brother because very few people have thick enough ankles to land this move without cracking them.