Sail Throw

Spectators sure love the Sail-Throw! They will look at you glassy-eyed, in awe, and view you akin to the magician Houdini. Only if they knew you learned to perform this trick in just hours. This is really just a study in the affects of apparent wind.
Step 1 instruction for Sail Throw
Step 2 instruction for Sail Throw
Step 3 instruction for Sail Throw
Step 4 instruction for Sail Throw
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)  While on a beam reach, or heading slightly upwind, let the board settle into a comfortable and steady plane. Unhook, get out of straps, and move forward on the board so both feet are in front of the foot straps. Make sure your body is centered over the board with your front foot pointing toward the nose. Bend your knees and throw the sail out and away from your body with just a little more emphasis on the backhand.
Tips for step 2)  Keep your knees bent and centered over the board as the sail hovers over the water. Slightly pressure the back foot so the board heads upwind.
Tips for step 3)  As the board heads upwind the sail will return to the vertical position so grab the mast or booms. Ideally you do not want to bend over to reach the sail but have it return to you.
Tips for step 4)  Adjust, trim, and sail away.


  • If the sail does not start coming back up then try using your front toe as a lever place it under the mast to pull the sail up.
  • Head way up wind to get more lift in the sail. The faster you head up wind the faster, and more aggressive, the sail will return.
  • Keep your board speed up by remaining centered over the board so the apparent wind force will be greater.
  • If the sail does not return then try throwing the sail like you are doing a push up, with both hands releasing at the same time. This will keep the sail perpendicular to the apparent wind.


  • Get the sail to swing all the way around the board, a full 360 degrees.
  • Try this move in a jibe (boomerang).
  • Add a Heli=Tack or Haas-Tack.
  • How about a pirouette as the sail floats.