Royn Bartholdi Windsurfing


The mission of this page is to help windsurfers learn new sailing skills. Learning a new maneuver in windsurfing requires a great deal of time, patience, and hard work. So don't give up because you will eventually master the move you are trying to learn. Just remember, everyone is different and some skills may take a long time. The more you try, the more your body adjusts and learns what you are trying to create. Above all, remember it's all about HAVING FUN.

I believe every maneuver has a certain and unique feeling that fuses the entire move into a single and repeatable experience. This is the act of discovery in windsurfing. Discovering that feeling opens the door to the move and enriches your experience of windsurfing. This feeling is an epiphany of sort and greatly simplifies the move to a feeling rather than the sum of a bunch of steps. This is the "I GOT IT" feeling; one of release and joy. Royn Bartholdi

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