Ghost Jibe

Adding the Ghost-Jibe to your arsenal of transitions instills a subtle elegance to your sailing style with a minimal investment; especially if your one of those compulsive duck-jibers. In fact, this maneuver is really an extension/variation of the ubiquitous Duck-Jibe. When performed correctly the jibe takes place with minimal movement as if the sail and board have taken over, hence the name.
Step 1 instruction for Ghost Jibe
Step 2 instruction for Ghost Jibe
Step 3 instruction for Ghost Jibe
Step 4 instruction for Ghost Jibe
Step 5 instruction for Ghost Jibe
Step 6 instruction for Ghost Jibe
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)  Unhook, get out of straps and head straight down wind. Sheet way out.
Tips for step 2)   Switch stance so you are on you're heals.
Tips for step 3)  Let go of the front hand, cross over and grab the clew and pull across your chest.
Tips for step 4)  Reach for the boom with the new front hand.
Tips for step 5)  Grab with back hand and adjust hand position.
Tips for step 6)  Sail away.


  • At 1st the balance will seem unusual because you will be carving downwind heal-side.
  • This move is awesome while turning down some swell.
  • You can alter the way you handle the sail by pulling or throwing with different results.
  • By violently sweeping the sail you are creating localized apparent wind which allows the sail to stay afloat.