Beach Start

I spent an hour combing my hair; the $180 sunscreen I got from my dermatologist in Beverly Hills has been properly and thoroughly rubbed into every pore of my beautiful face; I attended a Pilates class in the morning to make sure I am centered; and I am wearing my new (and shamelessly padded) tiger Speedo. I am feeling like such a Rock Star! I just want to strut to the beach, step on my spanking new high performance gear, and sail away. I am Cool... I am Stylish... The last thing I want is to ruin the whole event by looking dorky and flail trying to get on the water.
Step 1 instruction for Beach Start
Step 2 instruction for Beach Start
Step 3 instruction for Beach Start
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Step 5 instruction for Beach Start
Step 6 instruction for Beach Start
Step 7 instruction for Beach Start
Step 8 instruction for Beach Start
Step 9 instruction for Beach Start
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Step 14 instruction for Beach Start
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)  Carry your gear to the access area and look for a good place to enter the water. Be safe and do not rush because slipping and getting hurt (or dinging your board) upon entering the water is not good material for a story in the pub. Remember to keep the board on the windward side of your body and the sail on the leeward side of your body. This keeps the gear from flipping over you. Also, do not forget to put on your harness. I don't know how many times I have seen people jump on their board only to turn around after realizing they have no harness. It happens!!
Tips for step 2)  Step into the water with your gear lifted up. Slide the board into the water leading with the nose.
Tips for step 3)  When the fin is clear of hitting the bottom (remember that things looks closer than they actually are when looking through water) then drop the tail of the board into the water and grab the mast above the boom with your windward hand.   Keep in mind, you have a lot more stability controlling the sail while while holding the mast than holding the boom.
Tips for step 4)  Reach down with the other hand and move the board -- usually by grabbing the back footstrap -- so the whole rig is downwind of you and the nose is pointing in the direction you want to start.
Tips for step 5)  Ditto ...
Tips for step 6)  Now grab the boom with the open hand, the clew side hand.
Tips for step 7)   Move the mast hand to the boom as well and float the sail.   Your body and the rig are now correctly positioned so you can mount the board.   Notice the sail stays sheeted out so there is minimal pressure in the sail.
Tips for step 8)  Keep the sail sheeted out and step with the rear foot onto the board and on the center line between the front and rear footstraps.
Tips for step 9)  Ditto ...
Tips for step 10)  While keeping your weight over the foot that is in the water and stabilized on earth, pull the tail of board toward you with the heel that is on the board so your knee forms a right angle and your lower leg is vertical.   At the same time, raise the boom above your head by extending your arms.  This step and the next are the critical steps.
Tips for step 11) 
Tips for step 12)  Ditto ...
Tips for step 13)  Now sheet in and get the board moving.
Tips for step 14)  Stand up and sail away.   You look fabulous.


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Remember to walk your rig to the beach with the bottom of the board facing into the wind. I have seen people (during my windsurfing career) walk down to the water with the rig reversed; only to be met with disaster as the rig flips over the top of them. Yikes! Remember to place the board into the water so that the tail is down wind. In this video I just hop on the board, however stepping on the board is a more predictable approach.

Helpful Skills

Attitude! A fun easy-going and 'I am on top the World state of mind.