Lay Down Jibe

The Lay-Down-Jibe is an aggressive and powerful jibe allowing the user to depower the sail quickly while maintaining board speed and keeping a good body position over the center of the board. In addition, the sailor can see ahead without the obstruction of the sail. Learning this move is a good precursor for the Carving-360 and, to a certain extent, the Monkey-Jibe.
Step 1 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 2 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 3 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 4 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 5 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 6 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
Step 7 instruction for Lay Down Jibe
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Rider: Royn Bartholdi


Tips for step 1)  Unhook, bend the knees, and sheet in so you are heading down wind. The more speed the better.
Tips for step 2)  Extend the front arm forward and sheet the back hand toward the tail of the board. This causes the wind to spill forward and over the sail.
Tips for step 3)  Keep the knees bent and really put a great deal of pressure on the inside rail. The foot of the sail should be against your shins.
Tips for step 4)  Notice your back arm stays bent, front arm straight until you are on the other tack.
Tips for step 5)  Now complete the jibe by returning the sail to a vertical position by pulling up with the forward hand, straightening your body, and releasing the back hand.
Tips for step 6)  Continue carving but bring the mast vertical.
Tips for step 7)  Flip the sail and finish as a normal jibe.


  • The faster you lay down the faster the sail depowers.
  • Be very aggressive in this move.
  • Make sure the mast does not bury into the water because the crash hurts and you are locked into the foot straps.


  • Do a One-Handed-Laydown-Jibe by releasing the front hand.
  • Try a sail throw from the lay down.
  • How about a Switch-Stance-Laydown.